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The Universe Through Fresh Eyes w/ Jazz Biancci Pt. 3

  • S1E3
  • 53:49
  • January 15th 2020

Ep. 003. Jazz Biancci: The Universe Through Fresh Eyes Pt. 3

"I see this experience as a blessing. This is the place I needed to get to for what is coming and what is next" - Jazz Biancci

Before proceeding with the last part of her interview, Jazz takes over and interviews me my shadow self. We talk Carl Jung, people pleasing and the difference between personalities and personas. And she grilled me!

Jazz talks about Post Stress Syndrome moving towards Post Traumatic Growth.

We talk about:

  • Sensation vs feeling
  • The paradox of omniscience and not knowing
  • Surrendering and trusting
  • Walking with the divine, seperation, the misuse of ego.

And so much more!!!

This was an incredible three-part interview. And I'll leave it with this quote:

"What people may not know about stress is that it puts you in a place of judgement and insecurity. And it causes these abnormal states, which are deemed normal by today's standards, that feed jealousy, insecurity, anger, envy. And people think these are character flaws within themselves. And they're not. They are indicators." - Jazz Biancci

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