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The Golden Mic Podcast

Becoming a Beacon of Light w/ Kass Thomas Pt 3 of 4

  • S1E92
  • 34:25
  • June 28th 2022

Expertise Reimagined & Marc Cordon present

The Golden Mic Podcast

Becoming a Beacon of Light w/ Kass Thomas Pt 3 of 4

"You can't get you wrong. You are the best version of you that ever existed. You cannot get you wrong." - Kass Thomas

You can't get YOU wrong! Just another one of many light bombs dropped by Kass Thomas.

Here we go into yet another banger of an episode. As expected, we take the conversation internally. How can you shift your perspective of the dog-eat-dog world towards a benevolent one? How can you increase your consciousness?

If you are into consciousness, purpose, spirituality, and universal law, you are going to love part three of our podcast with Kass.Be sure to check this out:

04:51 The Keys to Total Freedom by Dr Dain Heer

06:07 The Power of Choice

07:00 Dancing With Riches

10:22 Where Soul Meets Body

16:58 - Changing One's Perspective & Plato's Allegory of The Cave

23:25 - Stepping In, Stepping Up & Stepping Out

26:38 Getting Your Motivation Correct

Enough copy! Listen now.

You'll be glad you did!


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