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Room to Improv: Finding Confidence Through Comedy, Performance & Business

  • S1E122
  • 1:04:31
  • April 20th 2023

Marc Cordon Creative presents

The Golden Mic Podcast

Ep. 122 Room to Improv: Finding Confidence Through Comedy, Performance & Business w/ Meridith Grundei

On this episode of Golden Mic Podcast, Marc Cordon talks to theater director and coach Meridith Grundei. They discuss Grundei's journey from a shy elementary student to a successful improv teacher and performer.

Throughout the episode, Meridith shares her experiences of taking risks, facing insecurities, and finding confidence through physical theater and improvisation. The conversation touches on the power of communication, building a growth mindset, healing, and finding purpose in life.

She emphasizes the importance of being ready before sharing personal stories and shares her own experience of taking five years to tell a story after discovering things about her father after his death. The episode promises to be hilarious, wholesome, and packed with wisdom as Grundei shares her passion for storytelling and encourages listeners to take a leap of faith in sharing their own stories.

Are you ready to become a more confident, dynamic and credible public speaker?

Meridith's 12-week public speaking ACCELERATOR program launches on May 1. This is a small cohort, live course. For more information, go to The Accelerator Program | Grundei Coaching LLC.

Ok. Enough copy.

Listen here to Meridith's episode here:

You'll be glad that you did.


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