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The Drive for Success w/ Terri Maxwell

  • S1E53
  • 54:55
  • January 3rd 2021

The Golden Mic Podcast w/ Marc Cordon

Ep. 53 The Drive To Success w/ Terri Maxwell

When she was six, Terri fell asleep with her head propped on the glass window. This wasn't the first time this had happened to her, but it was the first time was visited by a luminous, benevolent being. It guided her to get out of her adopted parents' pickup truck, push open the heavy doors of the old bar they were in, and command them to get out and take her and her brother home. I mean, it was a school night. And thanks to whatever visited her, Terri knew she was meant to succeed not languish.

A few years later, it was the final inning of a fast pitched softball game. Terri's blood boiled, not about the game, but about her inebriated father making a huge scene in the stands. Terri's coach noticed her, came over to her, and said, "Play to win."

And with a swing of the bat, Terri won the game.

She received another message from her coach who reminded her that she doesn't have to fight through the things laid out for her.

These experiences helped to shape who Terri is now.

And along the way, Terri has moved from victimhood to surviving to thrive. And by no means does this entail a fairy tale ending as Terri considers herself both a teacher and learner.

Today, Terri is CEO of Share On Purpose, an investment company that has created dozens of powerful brands, including – a powerful business growth community for conscious entrepreneurs.

This episode is brimming with life lessons on success, freedom, and perspective-changing. Each insight was distilled from Terri's love of fast cars to lessons learned from her grandfather, and the unexpected loss of a dear friend.

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