Operator Syndrome, Sleep Pressure and Why You Should Never Use Ambien w/ Dr. Kirk Parsley; Part 1/2 artwork
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Operator Syndrome, Sleep Pressure and Why You Should Never Use Ambien w/ Dr. Kirk Parsley; Part 1/2

  • S5E167
  • 44:30
  • July 26th 2023

This is part 1 of a 2 part episode with repeat guest, Dr. Kirk Parsley. Dr. Parsley has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. We dive into a fascinating topic known as "operator syndrome," which sheds light on the unexpected performance issues faced by elite military personnel. We also explore the dangers of a widely prescribed sleep aid, Ambien, and its detrimental effects on sleep quality.Listen to our first episode here

Welcome to The Hard To Kill Podcast, hosted by army veteran, founder, author, ironman, dad, science teacher and content creator, Dave Morrow. On this podcast you'll hear how to get leaner, fitter and harder to kill and the many lessons to help Dave reach his goal of helping 100k veterans lose 2 million pounds. 


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00:03:51 Ambien affects sleep quality, impacts performance.

00:14:17 Effects of sleep deprivation on military performance.

00:21:43 Physicians frustrated with limitations of evidence-based medicine.

00:26:31 Humans cannot beat evolution and sleep deprivation is a vulnerability.

00:38:28 Insomniac: Trouble falling or staying asleep, lower life expectancy, inflammation can lead to health issues.

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