Menopause: How to advocate for yourself and your clients artwork
The Healthy Practice

Menopause: How to advocate for yourself and your clients

  • S2E6
  • 51:50
  • January 22nd 2024

In our Season 2 finale, Ellie sits down with Dr Rebecca Lewis, Director at Newson Health, to discuss menopause; a topic still considered taboo by many.

There is somewhat of a menopause revolution going on. Menopause clinics and therapists are popping up, celebrities are talking about the challenges they’ve faced, and myths about HRT are being busted.

But what does this mean for you and your practice? Well, you may very well be experiencing menopause right now, have people in your personal life who are, or you could be treating patients who are struggling with symptoms. We can all do more to better equip ourselves with this overlooked area of women’s health, and treat patients holistically.

From misdiagnosed symptoms, to advocating for yourself at the GP and the workplace, we cover it all with Dr Rebecca Lewis.

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You can find Newson Health on their website and Instagram, and follow Dr Rebecca Lewis and Dr Louise Newson too.

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