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The Healthy Practice

Starting a Social Enterprise

  • S2E4
  • 28:09
  • December 18th 2023

What does it take to run a social enterprise in 2023? Ellie Macdonald is joined by Catherine Gray, Founder and CEO at Cup-O-T, a social enterprise and non-profit organisation focused on offering mental health services to children and young people.

Some of you may already be involved in a social enterprise; be that running your own, offering services at one, or perhaps you’ve always had a yearning to have more of a social impact with your work.

There is so much to learn in this space both as a therapist and a business owner. From funding applications and approaches to therapy, join us for a lovely chat to find out more.

You can follow more of Catherine’s work at and on social media at Cup-O-T Wellness and Therapy Services.

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