Dr. Kaishauna Guidry Teaches Doctors How to Have Difficult Conversations artwork
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Dr. Kaishauna Guidry Teaches Doctors How to Have Difficult Conversations

  • S8E21
  • 46:37
  • December 22nd 2023

Dr. Kaishauna Guidry is keeping it real when it comes to difficult conversations about hospice, dying, and death. As the host of the Dr. G at the Heart of Healthcare podcast, she’s teaching her listeners about challenging healthcare issues. She’s a fierce advocate for quality care, and empowers others to get the best from their care. She’s comfortable with the hard topics, discussing what people and caregivers need at end of life. Her mobile medical service provides care for patients who may have been discharged from hospice but still need a medical provider wherever they call home. Dr. G also provides consulting and mentoring for other physicians and organizations who need to improvise their physician documentation. Her book Dr. G’s H.O.S.P.I.C.E. Guide: 7 things Hospice Physicians Need to Know to Be Ready for Work provides support for doctors working in end of life care. She’s also the author of The Real Deal about Hospice: Short Stories Highlighting the Advantages of Hospice Care for Patients and Families.  

Storyteller, advocate, mentor, and physician - Dr. G’s voice is strong and so necessary for today’s healthcare system. 

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