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The History of New Zealand Drum & Bass Podcast

Episode #007 - Camo MC

  • S1E7
  • 55:06
  • October 5th 2021

The history of New Zealand Drum & Bass Series. Proudly presented by The TicketFairy. Ticketfairy.com for all the biggest Kiwi events this summer.

Christchurch's Camo MC has been one of the leading voices of Aotearoa's Drum & Bass scene for nearly two decades, having hosted and performed alongside some of the biggest names in Kiwi and Global D&B.

The History of New Zealand Drum & Bass

New Zealand is world renowned for its rich and diverse electronic music scene and for over 25 years now the sound of Drum & Bass has been at the very forefront.

Hosted by Jay Bulletproof, one of the early pioneers of New Zealand Drum & Bass, this podcast delves deep into the Kiwi Dn'B history files with interviews from the Producers, DJ's, MC's & Promoters who were there at the very start, right through to the current era of industry leaders.

Listen to stories from some of New Zealand's leading producers, from early on in their careers, to their tales of triumph and defeat, plus all the behind the scenes studio and club hi-jinx that occurs when you get a bunch of Kiwi & International producers in one room chatting about the History of New Zealand Drum & Bass.