Importance of Good Gut Health on Fertility. Interview with Filipa Bellette artwork
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Importance of Good Gut Health on Fertility. Interview with Filipa Bellette

  • S1E6
  • 30:46
  • May 5th 2021

Today our special guest is Filipa Bellette Ph.D., Clinical Nutritionist from Chris and Filly Functional Medicine in Tasmania.

Filly and I will be discussing infertility issues from the point of view of a nutritionist. What to do if you have too much or too little oestrogen when trying to fall pregnant. And why having healthy gut matters when it comes to fertility.

More about Filipa, Filipa is known for helping busy, burned-out professional working parents become healthy, have a better work-life balance, and a happy family. We call this a Power Parent! And this includes helping couples get healthy and balanced to have children, by getting to the root cause of infertility and addressing the imbalance naturally. We have a wonderful testimonial from our clients, who were told they could never have children.

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