The Power of Plants. Interview with Anna Campbell and Darcy Schack artwork
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The Power of Plants. Interview with Anna Campbell and Darcy Schack

  • S3E5
  • 39:39
  • April 15th 2022

Today we are discussing the power of botanicals in pharmaceuticals with Anna Campbell and Darcy Schack from Zestt Wellness in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Our discussion is dedicated to providing information on the latest advances and developments in the field of botanical medicine. It also discusses research and clinical studies of the botanical compounds in various products, including herbal supplements and cosmetics.

About our Guests:

Darcy Schack and Dr Anna Campbell launched Zestt Wellness with the goal of transforming lives through the use of natural health products backed by science.

For the past decade, Anna has worked in food security and has a deep interest in the function of plant bioactives in the wellbeing industry.

Sarcoidosis is an autoimmune disease that affects Darcy. As a group, they've invented a phrase: "health for the rest of us," which recognises that wellness isn't just for the young and beautiful.

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