How to Ensure Your Contractor is Properly Insured (with Edwin Moreno) artwork
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How to Ensure Your Contractor is Properly Insured (with Edwin Moreno)

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  • 33:21
  • March 30th 2020

Edwin Moreno is the Owner of Winmore Insurance Solutions a Chicago based company with a special focus in commercial insurance. In this episode, Edwin and I discuss how to make sure when you are hiring a contractor that they have the proper insurance coverage. We get into topics such as:

  1. The difference between General and Professional Liability policies.
  2. Workman’s Compensation and why is it important.
  3. What bonding really is and when it could be needed.
  4. Other insurances based off the type of work that you may require from your contractor.
  5. How to ensure that the certificate of insurance you receive is valid and applicable for the work to be performed.

If you wish to learn more about Edwin Moreno and Winmore Insurance Solutions or just follow him on social media, please see his contact information below. Thanks for tuning in!


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Email: [email protected]

Phone: 773.917.6688

Personal Facebook: Edwin Moreno

Business Facebook : Winmore Insurance

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