How to Avoid Common Painting Mistakes and Paint Like A Pro (with Jeremy and Bekah Miller) artwork
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How to Avoid Common Painting Mistakes and Paint Like A Pro (with Jeremy and Bekah Miller)

  • E3
  • 21:51
  • April 13th 2020

In this episode, Jeremy and Bekah Miller from The Miller’s House Painting stop by to talk about common mistakes most DIY painters make and some tips on getting the best painting results efficiently. Some topics that are addressed:


  1. Common exterior painting mistakes
  2. Common interior painting mistakes
  3. Common dry wall repair mistakes
  4. Selecting the right paint for the job
  5. How investing in the proper tools will save you time and frustration.


If you wish to learn more about The Millers or wish to contract their services, please see their bio and contact information below. Thanks for tuning in!


The Millers Bio


The Millers House Painting is owned and operated by Jeremy and Bekah Miller.

Together the couple provide professional painting services to those in need.  

With more than 10 years experience The Millers can help transform your home into that fresh, clean pallet ready for new homes and old. There motto is “it’s never too late to paint.”


The Millers Contact

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 312-931-7535




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