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How to do Remote Hiring in 2021 | Sanjoe Jose (CEO @ Talview)

  • S1E17
  • 35:00
  • July 5th 2021

Hiring and candidate experience processes can be tricky to get right in a remote setting. As human beings, we rely heavily on interpersonal signals, body language and the experience of actually meeting someone when making big decisions like whether to accept a new job. The same could be said of recruiters and hiring managers, who certainly use these very human cues in their process of selecting the right candidate.

Not being physically face-to-face with someone during the hiring process is surely pretty detrimental to the whole experience and outcomes, right?

Well, it's not quite that simple.

Remote hiring in no longer just a second option or an urgent 'stop-gap' to put in place during a global pandemic when face-to-face is not possible!

Our guest in this week's episode is a big believer in remote hiring and he shared a compelling vision of the benefits for individuals, recruiters and organizatons going forward.

On today's episode we're joined by Sanjoe Jose, Chief Executive Officer at Talview. He is a serial entrepreneur with ventures in Enterprise SaaS and Consumer Internet domains. He is passionate about using AI to solve enterprise business problems. 

Talview is an end-to-end, AI powered hiring and proctoring solution headquarted in San Mateo, California.

Talview is motivated by their mission to provide access, break barriers, and cross divides for all individuals. They are helping their customers discover a world of untapped talent, through the unique benefits of fully remote hiring.

Find out more about Talview at

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