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People Experience Priorities for 2021 | Jennifer Paxton (VP of People and Talent @ Privy)

  • S1E13
  • 36:03
  • June 7th 2021

People Experience (or Employee Experience) determines not only if an employee stays with your company, but also if they perform at their best and reach their full potential. So it's a pretty big topic for organizations to make sure they get right!

The thing is, as we all know, the very nature of 'work' changed pretty dramatically in 2020. So:

  • What are some key priorities in people experience for 2021?
  • How do HR departments need to adapt the experience for their people given our current context? 
  • What do employees value in a workplace in 2021?
  • What's most important to them and how might that have changed?

We speak with VP of People and Talent at Privy, Jennifer Paxton. Jennifer is an HR and recruiting leader experienced in high growth tech startups. In her career she’s focused on building HR and Recruiting strategies from scratch, and now heads up the people function at Privy – a Boston based SaaS company and leader in ecommerce marketing for small businesses and entrepreneurs, providing tools, education, and support to small ecommerce brands around the world.  

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