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Personalised Medicine

  • S3E2
  • 58:21
  • May 17th 2021

Welcome back to The Insider. This is a special edition podcast series on the future of Health Technologies in Europe, brought to you by INESC Brussels HUB.

Based on the characteristics of individuals (genomic data, information on lifestyle, etc.) personalised health and medicine aims to improve the efficiency of diagnostics, treatments and preventive measures, for the benefit of patients and citizens.

What are, then, the challenges and the existing solutions for its implementation?

In this podcast we discuss the state of the art, challenges and future trends on personalised health. This podcast features:

Verónica Romão, Member of INESC Microsystems and Nanotechnologies and Chair of the Health Technologies Work Group of the HUB, moderating the debate. 

Ana Teresa Freitas, founder and CEO of Lisbon-based company HeartGenetics and researcher at INESC ID

Gabriel Pestana, Coordinator of the Degree in Management Informatics and the Master in Information Systems for Management at the European University and researcher at INESC INOV


Zlatko Trobonjača, Full Professor at the Department of Physiology and Immunology in the Medical Faculty of the University of Rijeka.

A lot of food for thought and the basis for a future EU collaborative project was laid down here. 

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