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What kind of innovation do we want for our future?

  • S4E6
  • 11:06
  • March 20th 2022

Welcome back to The Insider.

This week our approach will leave the traditional R&I policies and ask a question that has been growing in importance before us all but not much real attention has been dedicated to it so far: what kind of innovation do we want for the future? No, it is not simple question and we could address it from many different perspectives, of course. Inspired by the 8th Cohesion Forum, which took place earlier this week and counted with the participation of the nobel prize laureate Joseph Stiglitz and Prof Carlota Perez from SPRU, University of Sussex, I will delve into the increasingly urgent connection between innovation and societal challenges and how science and policy intersect to address these challenges, in particular at EU level.

This is also going to be the theme for a working dinner organised by the INESC Brussels HUB later this year, so any reactions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us, as they are most welcome and may indeed help us defining the contours of the discussion to be had.

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