Gender Pay Gap: Part Two
Gender Pay Gap: Part Two
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The Ladder is a new podcast from Intern seeking to investigate and demystify the world of work in the creative industries.

In our two-part pilot, host Alec Dudson sets out to better understand the gender pay gap.

This time, we're looking for solutions, so we've spoken to specialists from the likes of RBS, Buffer and The World Economic Forum to cover how you can tackle the issue on an individual level, as a small business owner, as a corporate entity and from policy level.

You can find our interviewees here: Melanie Levick-Parkin, Heather Melville OBE, Hailley Griffis, Malin Persson, Imriel Morgan and Till Leopold.

The Ladder is produced by Ben Ovington and Fuchsia Summerfield. It is mastered and soundtracked by Calvin Lanz. Recorded and mixed at University of Salford, we're indebted to the brilliant Simon Connor for helping to assemble our wonderful young team of audio experts.

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