Ep 459: Devin Durrant and The Role of A Great Leader artwork
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Ep 459: Devin Durrant and The Role of A Great Leader

  • S1E459
  • 14:06
  • February 16th 2023

Sean: I'm honored that you were able to tune in to the podcast before we were able to have this recording. Devin, so what I want to know I mentioned in the introduction from the courtroom, from the basketball court to conference rooms, that that phrase struck me. And how does it feel to be someone who plays on the basketball court? You know you got a lot of action going on. You got a lot of quick thinking, instinctive thinking going on to now conference rooms where you have to make sure you say the right words. You have to think a lot before you do anything and make sure that you're dressed up. And it's a lot slower than what you're used to. What happened in between and why decide to go now to conference rooms rather than the basketball court?

Devin:  Oh, that's an excellent question. Thanks for the opportunity, because I've found that over the years there are so many similarities between the competition that took place on a basketball court and the competition that takes place in the business world. And yes, you have to do a lot of thinking as an athlete. The same kind of thinking takes place in the boardroom or as you interact with customers, you have to be able to respond to what comes your way. And so there are a lot of similarities between the sports world and the corporate world.

Sean: That is amazing.

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Devin Durrant

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