Dealing With Your Overwhelm | Heidi Marke artwork
The Limitless Landscapers Podcast

Dealing With Your Overwhelm | Heidi Marke

  • 26:15
  • November 25th 2020

In this week’s podcast episode Paula is joined by Heidi Marke who is a mindfulness teacher and coach.Focusing on helping business owners like yourself combat overwhelm, Heidi talks through how overwhelm can truly hurt your life and passion for your business. Talking from her own experience with severe overwhelm, Heidi evaluated her life and decided to focus on helping other with what she has learnt - including Paula!By listening to your body and implementing your tips, you will be able to combat overwhelm which is inevitable in any business. Heidi will be talking more about this at Virtually Limitless, with key steps on how to combat overwhelm. Secure your seat today:'s podcast: TAKEAWAYS:- Listen to your body- Listening to quick mediation audios to help destress - get Heidi’s one-minute audio here:

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