Carla Crivaro - Love, authenticity, and non-monogamy artwork
The Love Launch

Carla Crivaro - Love, authenticity, and non-monogamy

  • S4E19
  • 47:23
  • August 19th 2022

I loved this conversation with Carla Crivaro because we talked about how love, authenticity, and non-monogamy is changing these days. People are exploring different ways to create relationships that work for them and their partners rather than following what others say to do.

Bio: Carla Crivaro is a trauma-informed, certified Sex, Love & Relationship Coach who supports people in having delicious sex, profound love, and authentic relationships.

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What does love mean to you and how can we experience more of that in our lives? These are the questions that I explore in the Love Launch Podcast. Given all the chaos and uncertainty in the world, and their own hangups, people creating loving relationships is nothing short of a miracle and a triumph. I'm talking with experts, entrepreneurs, creatives, and everyday people about stories about does and doesn't work for creating relationships that work and are truly high-value.