Loving yourself and others when you have bipolar disorder with Bailey Reber artwork
The Love Launch

Loving yourself and others when you have bipolar disorder with Bailey Reber

  • S4E26
  • 27:49
  • September 12th 2022

On what date do I bring up that I have bipolar disorder?” That is a question that I have never had to answer and I can only imagine how challenging that must be. Which is why l loved this conversation with Bailey Reber who talks about what it’s like to love yourself and love others while having bipolar disorder.


At the age of 16, Bailey Reber was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. For years, she struggled with not only managing her mental illness, but also with accepting it while the outside world around her did not. She started the podcast she hosts, Distressed to Joyful; Bailey’s Way, in order to help encourage others to seek any professional help they may need, especially in times of darkness. She hopes that being vulnerable on hard topics via her podcast will be a “beacon of light” for listeners who are currently struggling with similar situations. She also hopes to bring about new perspectives to those not directly affected by mental illness in order to help them understand the world with a kinder heart.

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