Pratik Patel and the NFL artwork
The Male Entrepreneur Podcast with Purdeep Sangha

Pratik Patel and the NFL

  • 21:22
  • February 15th 2021

Lots of guys LOVE football, and for good reason.

Sports can bring out the best in us. They also give us a reason to get together and celebrate. And they can teach us a lot about ourselves.

Pratik Patel worked as a performance nutrition/assistant strength and conditioning coach for the NFL. He made sure his players were in the best shape so they could perform their best on the field. It was a high-stress, fast-paced career with clients who needed every advantage they could get.

Now, Pratik brings that insight to guys just like you. In this week's podcast, he reveals:

  • What it's like to leave a franchise and start your own business
  • How to build relationships with clients in a high-speed environment
  • The untold truth about most players in professional sports
  • The pros and cons of social media and its impact on professional sports
  • Why winning isn't always the most important part of the game
  • How technology is impaction the coaching world
  • Why NOW is the best time to start your own business
  • How to overcome self-dought when stepping out on your own
  • What impact politics and health might have on professional sports in the future
  • And a lot more

Listen now.

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