Stop Settling and Get What You Deserve artwork
The Male Entrepreneur Podcast with Purdeep Sangha

Stop Settling and Get What You Deserve

  • 19:43
  • August 17th 2020

Are you happy? With your spouse, with your career, with your physical health? Do you feel like balance means sacrificing fulfillment?

If so, you're not alone. Millions of guys feel like, no matter how hard they work, happiness is always right around the corner.

Some say that settling is the key to happiness... But is it really?

Here's a new way to look at things, and a way to get the happiness you deserve. While discussing that, we'll also cover:

  • 3 key areas most guys don't realize their settling in
  • How to get the most out of your relationships
  • Why sacrificing one aspect of life for another is a dangerous myth
  • What to do when you keep running out of energy
  • The difference between settling and being happy with what you've got
  • The link between low self-esteem and low expectation ( and how to overcome it)
  • The key to keeping your ego in check
  • What to do when reaching your goals doesn't leave you feeling fulfilled
  • 2 things you can do to start feeling more satisfied in life right now
  • The answer to "what is the meaning of life?"
  • And a lot more

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