MYMS 49: How to build a framework with Drew Hudgins artwork
The Marketing Your Movement™ Show

MYMS 49: How to build a framework with Drew Hudgins

  • S1E49
  • 1:08:59
  • December 31st 2020

About Drew Hudgins:

I help Consultants and Certified Coaches break down what makes them different, and communicate the intangible in a simple 5 step method—both verbally, and visually.

I do that by collecting a ton of the data thrown at me, undergoing seizures from the overwhelm for a short time… consider their biggest flops—and then chip away and sculpt that block of info-marble into their very own Method Masterpiece.

And since anyone with eye balls tends to get a dopamine hit with a clever visual, I also give them a custom graphic that wallops their prospect with an instant epiphany: "Oh! So THAT'S what you're promising! Do you take credit card?"

RESULTS: After I accidentally discovered this knack, I've witnessed clients…

✅ Land their first $25K agreement—then a $35K+ agreement

✅ Grow a stress-less coaching business "on the side"

✅ Get hired by their own mastermind mentor

✅ Launch a membership (that didn't exist yet) that's now over 200 monthly subscribers

✅ Update fees where prospects simply looked at a comparison of offers and said, "Sign me up!"—opening a new slot for $10K clients




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