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Mystic Business with Coyote Menor

Alchemy Astrology with Tim Wilkerson #5 - Alchemy Series Episode 1

  • S1E5
  • 1:07:44
  • May 17th 2022

Tim Wilkerson is Astrologer & Herbal Alchemist. He studied with Frater Albertus at Paracelsus College and later became one of the leading authorities on Astrology for Laboratory Alchemy with his 38 years of laboratory practice.

We discuss what Sidereal Astrology is and how it is different from modern astrology, how it helps you learn about & know yourself on a deeper level, and how to apply it your lab work work.

You can purchase his LabCount Calendar, or handbook - Alchemy Astrology, Lost Key to the Philopher's Stone. Forward by Dennis William Hauck. You can also purchase alchemy astrology reading, star report, and tutoring on his website.

Mystic Business with Coyote Menor

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Message from Coyote - This is the podcast that I wish I heard years ago at a time where I was looking for more from life and more importantly, from myself. Spiritual ideas & philosophies are a dime a dozen, yet learning how to integrate them with real world practicality I always felt was missing. As a natural born entrepreneur and mystic I want to share what helped me on my path and empowered me to trust myself, accept myself, & support my lifestyle.

We cover all range of topics from Spiritual Development & Enlightenment, Conscious Business & Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Meditation, Mindfulness, Lifestyle Refinement, Sorcery & Magick, Alchemy, Herbalism and much much More.


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