The Mum Show

The Mum Show grabs hold of everything we know about child psychology, it dives into the word of God and it tunes into some great gathered Mum Wisdom. We want to chat about the hard stuff, the funny bits, the indescribable moments and the, “seriously, did that just happen” times - because we believe that family life is best lived whole heartedly. 

On the Mum Show you can learn some great strategies for supporting positive mental health in your home, find simple ways of setting boundaries, discover how to maintain strong relationships and dream big for you and your family. 

We talk about everything from early childhood development to what is happening in a teenage brain - we cover depression, anxiety, pornography, building a relationship with Jesus and reaching for God’s best. No topic is taboo, because as Mums we understand that communication is essential for a family to thrive. Come and join us for honest, light hearted, Jesus centred Mum talk.

Be Blessed,

Marina Magdalena. x