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Dr. Jessica Metcalfe - The Burnout Expert.

  • 29:38
  • April 7th 2022


●      The last time Dr. Glenn Vo had a chance to talk to Dr. Jessica Metcalfe, she was surrounded by people after winning the Dentistry’s Got Talent competition. Naturally, then, many of you might recognize her as a dental celebrity.

●      Jessica is passionate about burnout, something every dental professional has felt at some point in their career. While most (if not all).

●      As a fellow dentist, Jessica knows the struggles that as if you have it all together: dentists are meant to be very A-type, having gone through dental school, and “keep up the Joneses.”

●      That’s why Jessica works with dentists and dental teams—both one-on-one and in groups—to be able to understand how burnout presents not just on a day-to-day basis but throughout the year.

●      Every story has a beginning. Here’s how Jessica evolved from a young and eager doctor to the “Alchemist Dentist”.

○      Jessica knew she wanted to be a dentist since she was 14. Her aunt was a dentist as well, making it super easy for her to integrate into her office. Suddenly, tragedy hit Jessica from every angle. Jessica was diagnosed with a learning disability—specifically in reading comprehension at 20 years old.

○ Jessica thought dentistry was no longer on the table. She struggled with school, and, while she got the support that she needed, she never got true help for herself

○      Once she graduated, Jessica returned to Toronto and completed a hospital residency program, and fell in love with treating medically-compromised patients.

○      From there, Jessica applied for oral surgery for two years in a row to no avail. Suddenly, she received an email. From a hospital—a cancer center—reading through tears to see a full-time position offer..

○      Jessica migrated over to the cancer center, becoming their education director, she found there was an unspoken truth that no one is doing well.

○      At that time, Jessica was lecturing on treating cancer patients. Her patients had beaten cancer and effectively healed, but they were still dealing with the many side effects that came with treatment.

○      That was when Jessica hit her third burnout, getting swept up in that underlying tone of no one doing “well,” being diagnosed with depression and a generalized anxiety disorder. She was still very functional in completing the daily rituals—but she was basically a blob: she didn’t find joy in anything she was doing.

○      A few years later, Jessica felt ready to tell her story. Soon, she was messaged by fellow dental professionals who thought they were alone.

○      Many of them shared the same sentiment of fearing that they were wishing their years away. They felt they were grinding away from day to day,

○      Ever since leaving an impact like that, Jessica has become committed to empowering dentists to work through their burnout.

●   Learn about:

○   What questions, specifically, does Jessica go through with each of her clients?

○   If you’re feeling burnt out, does that mean you need to leave dentistry?

○   And more!

●      Glenn and Jessica want you to know it’s okay to get help, and we’re here for you. If you’re suffering from burnout, reach to Jessica at [email protected]

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