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The Online Prosperity Experience

Everyone Will Encounter Failure But Those That Succeed Didn't Quit

  • S1E4
  • 16:46
  • January 13th 2020

Fear of failing is something that all business owners whether starting out or established think about, most of the time.

So how can they overcome it?

What is the force that drives you? Is it the fear of failure or the achievement of success?

As it turns out, most people are driven by a combination of the two.

The idea of success gives us wings, but before we can do anything about it, the fear of failure creeps in and starts chopping off our feathers.

The fear of failure can be so strong that many people who dream about becoming entrepreneurs waste their time preparing, reading business books, taking classes, and watching others succeed.

They are so scared of failing in their big project that they never take the chance, which is a failure on its own.

In this podcast we explore how even great entreprenuers went through episodes of failure but that did not stop them.

Listen in and discover how failure is not the end of your adventure, whether your start-up didn’t succeed, or you took a risky investment that didn’t pan out.

Failure is an experience that teaches you about the paths that don’t go up.

As you take more and more of these, you learn to recognise the signs and slowly discover the way to success.

It may be slow and difficult, but the final result is going to be so much better!

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