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The Online Prosperity Experience

Here's How You Make Your Dreams Come True

  • S1E3
  • 31:10
  • January 11th 2020

A lot people think of life is black and white. That you are either born rich or poor.

They also think it's either something that happens to them or as something which they have to bend to their will.

Life in short is seen as a series of problems requiring solutions.

As a result people spend much of their lives either in escape activities or driving themselves to achieve, often both at the same time.

But life becomes so much different when we see it as a game in which we decide what is going to happen and then let it happen in the way that a player will allow his or her creation to appear.

This Podcast is an example of the message that it teaches.

Prosper speaks about how he himself stopped struggling to work against his own feelings and to let his life happen.

Exciting and inspiring, bits of his own story with a few tips and tricks plus exercises for the listener prove the life-changing fact - that when we give priority to the workings of our unconscious minds we can trust them not to let us down.

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