Top Email Marketing Strategies 📧for eCommerce in 2021 🛍️ artwork
The Path to Glory

Top Email Marketing Strategies 📧for eCommerce in 2021 🛍️

  • E9
  • 47:37
  • February 20th 2021

If you wanna nail your email marketing strategy and get more traffic to your website, this is the perfect place to start.

We're back with another great ‘The Path to Glory' episode and today we are talking about the top email marketing strategies for e-commerce in 2021. As usual, we have an amazing guest who will share his knowledge and experience with you - Chase Diamond.

Chase is the founder of Chase and a co-founder of Boundless Labs - a top email marketing agency.

Here are some cool facts about him and his team:

1. They've helped their clients send millions of emails resulting in over $50 million in email attributable revenue

2. They are currently working with over 50 brands that have 6-8 figures in annual revenue

3. Chase has created and scaled a product of his own and managed to get 500.000 visiting in 6 months without spending a dollar



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The Path to Glory

It is easy for anyone to look at successful entrepreneurs and only appreciate the glory the bask in. However we all tend to ignore the mountains they had to climb to get there in the first place.

The lessons are not found in the success, rather they are found in the path they took to get there.

The Path to Glory gives you a close look at successful entrepreneurs and their journey to success.

From their journey, we try our best to extract valuable insights that any listener can take advantage of for their own business growth and success.