Episode 105 - The Power of Play with Dale Sidebottom artwork
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Episode 105 - The Power of Play with Dale Sidebottom

  • 28:55
  • July 21st 2018

In this episode of The PE Geek podcast we speak with Dale Sidebottom, the founder of Energetic.Education. Dale shares how he has been able to dramatically change his overall happiness by leveraging 4 core pillars;

  • Exercise
  • Play
  • Mindfulness
  • Sharing

These pillars have had such an impact on his life that it eventually led him to the creation of his FREE app Jugar Life.

Jugar is a daily routine app, providing simple but effective strategies you can incorporate into your daily routine to help you experience play. Play can add joy to your life, relieve stress, supercharge learning, and connect you with others and the world around you.

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