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Product Team Success

Welcome to the Product Career Accelerator

  • S1E15
  • 19:45
  • September 29th 2021

In this episode we have some big changes.

The Product Coach is now The Product Career Accelerator and to join us kick it off is Henry Latham the Founder of Prod.MBA and the founder of the Prod Career Accelerator.

We've had so much feedback over the last couple of years about how to accelerate one's product career that we've decided to focus the entire podcast on it.

Listen it while Henry and I discuss some of the biggest problems Product Managers and Leaders make in the interviewing process.

Product Team Success

Welcome to "Product Team Success: Real-World Career Advice for Product". I'm your host, Ross Webb, and I'm here to supercharge your journey, whether you're climbing the ladder to the C-suite or already leading from the top. For season 2 I am joined by Henry Latham the founder of Prod.mba

Our content is your secret weapon - offering insights into business metrics, data-driven strategies, and stakeholder navigation, all tailored to propel you forward and keep you excelling in your role.

We believe in 'productizing' yourself and your team, leading the charge towards product success with a no-nonsense, no-fluff approach. We're paving the path in an innovative realm we call 'Data-Driven Empathy'.

We'll tackle an array of topics, from securing investment for data analytics, to acing product interviews, to presenting product direction with authority.

So, subscribe now to "Product Team Success", join our community of pioneers, and let's together redefine the landscape of product leadership! Get ready to be invigorated, inspired, and informed, as we revolutionize product leadership, one episode at a time!