The H0liday Special  artwork
The Safety Justice League

The H0liday Special

  • S4E29
  • 34:13
  • November 27th 2020

On this episode the crew digs in deep about what connection means during the s#!t$h0w of a year 2020 has been. It may be the best holiday special since the Star Wars one in 1978...

The Safety Justice League

We're no superheroes... but we're looking for some. SJL is a place for safety, beards, laughs, beer, coffee, friends, and learning. Our mission is to provide a voice for great ideas in worker safety and a platform that transcends the tired safety slogans plastered on worksites by mindless safety drones. And we're not stopping there. The world's not ready for this, but we're doing it anyway.

Are you ready to get rid of the "0lds" and make work better? It's time to join us...