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The Silicon Dreams

Venture Capital as a Service with Dr. Sanjit Dang

  • S1E3
  • 30:55
  • March 25th 2020

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The Silicon Dreams on Radio Zindagi hosted Dr. Sanjit Dang, Chairman and Co-Founder of on March 23rd, 2020.

On Air, we spoke about a few different things

1. Venture Capital as a Service - what is it and how is U First Capital implementing it

2. Impact of Coronavirus (Covid19) on investment funding and startup ecosystem

3. What are the different successful exit strategies for a startup

4. How can people engage further with Dr. Dang and U First Capital

More about U First Capital

U First Capital team has an excellent track record of driving 1 Exit every year: Orb Intelligence (Acquired by Dun and Bradstreet in 2020), Pinterest (IPO 2019), DocuSign (IPO 2018), Body Labs (AI startup, Acquired by Amazon in 2017 within 2 years of leading Series A investment), Voke (Acquired by Intel in 2016 within 7 months of leading Series A investment), Maginatics (Acquired by EMC in 2015 within 1 year of leading investment) and Basis Science (Acquired by Intel in 2014 within 1 year of investment).

More about Dr. Sanjit Dang

Dr Sanjit Singh Dang has been a successful Venture Capitalist, Corporate Executive, Board Member, Speaker and Writer in Silicon Valley for almost two decades. He is currently the Co-Founder and Chairman of U First Capital. They provide Venture Capital as a Service to Corporations by bringing Startups, University IP, etc in the Corporate's specific areas of interest (dedicated model). Prior to that, he was at Intel Capital where he led Venture Capital investments in Enterprise Software. He has been an Investor and on the Board of several companies, including True Fit (AI for eCommerce, Raised $100M), Reflektion (AI recommendation for eCommerce, Raised $42M), Helpshift (AI-driven Customer Service, Raised $38M) and Enlighted (Smart Lighting, Acquired by Siemens in 2018). He is also an investor in Mirantis (Cloud Computing, raised over $100M), GoodData (SaaS Business Intelligence, raised over $100M) and Arcadia Data (Big Data 2.0, Raised $26M).

Sanjit has over a decade of Exec leadership experience in Product Design, Business Development and Strategy across several domains: Big Data, Natural Language Processing, 3D Camera/Apps, Supply-Chain Analytics and Flash Memory. He has managed $2Bill/year accounts and executed over 30 partnership deals in $100M-$2Bill range. Always striving to be ahead of the curve, Sanjit worked on Big Data Analytics before industry created the term 'Big Data'. Similarly, he launched 2 online courses during graduate school in 1999 and published iconic papers on learnings, way before the MOOC revolution started.

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