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Automate And Systemise For Success - With Dr Steve Day

  • E114
  • 51:03
  • July 9th 2021

In this fascinating interview with systemisation expert Dr Steve Day, Jane discusses what it REALLY takes to achieve a ‘laptop lifestyle’ - and how to manage the performance of a remote team to achieve maximum results and productivity. And why it’s so vital to grow your business in the right way to avoid chaos, overwhelm and the ‘harder hustle loop’ so many early stages business owners find themselves in. 

Dr Steve Day helps micro-business owners and entrepreneurs free their time using systems and outsourcing. Steve’s business, Systems and Outsourcing, shows how to hire, train, manage and grow a reliable, dedicated team of remote workers, providing step by step guidance on systemising business processes and creating operations manuals to remove yourself from the day-to-day operations of your business, so you can focus on what's most important to you in life.

In this episode, you will learn how implementing tried and tested systems, will help you be more productive, more organised, have more free time and a more profitable, scalable business.

Do you have systems in place in your business? If not, which task would you most like to outsource?

ABOUT THE HOST: Jane Bayler is a serial entrepreneur, investor, speaker, event host and business scale up expert. She had a 20 year history in global media and advertising, before becoming a serial entrepreneur herself, with multiple businesses in real estate, marketing and education. Having grown and sold a £6M brand identity business to US communications group Interpublic, today she is most passionate about and committed to serving other entrepreneurs – helping them grow their businesses and achieve their best lives. 

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