Entrepreneur Spotlight: Mark Shraga
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Entrepreneur Spotlight: Mark Shraga
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This is an interview between Jane Bayler and Mark Shraga, a successful telecoms entrepreneur with a proven track record for creating high performance and value rich business propositions and launching them to the market.

Mark is the brand creator and founder of New Star Networks (NSN) Ltd, Cloud 100 Ltd and NSNrg Ltd. As well as the owner of executive coaching company Brighter Lives Ltd and owner of the Martial Arts Club at Shodokan Aikido West London.

ABOUT THE HOST: Jane Bayler is a serial entrepreneur, investor, event host and business relationship expert, with a 20 year history in global media and marketing. Having grown and sold a £6M brand identity business to US communications group Interpublic, she currently helps entrepreneurs scale up their businesses and lives through brand marketing and property investment. Buy the best selling Smart Connector book, about entrepreneurial relationship success, here: (https://amzn.to/3bmXlJu UK, https://amzn.to/3dEvR3x US). Join the Smart Connector Facebook Group here: (https://bit.ly/2Z3p3s7. Visit Jane's website (https://bit.ly/30yaZb1). Subscribe to Jane's YouTube channel: (https://bit.ly/2yL43vI)

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