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Launching A ‘New Generation' Health Drink - With Nick Hird

  • E158
  • 40:03
  • July 29th 2022

Nick Hird, Co-founder of ViDrate is a former male model with a background in fitness and nutrition. 

Specialising in hydration for over 7 years, Nick has delivered talks on the benefits of hydration to the military, NHS, fire service, universities, professional athletes and many more. 


Nick has a passion for helping people to make small changes to their lifestyles and habits, that have a huge positive impact on overall wellbeing. 

He noticed that one of, if not the biggest benefit to health and almost all ailments was simply drinking more water. 

Nick and his business partner Rob, created the world’s first zero sugar hydration powder, designed to help you consume more water, with added vitamins and electrolytes and no artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners or preservatives. ViDrate was born. 

They have attracted many passionate advocates of their products as well as investors, including members of the renowned pop group McFly.

Do you drink enough water, and if not, would you like to get a box of ViDrate for free to help along the way? Listen to the full episode to see how you can get your free ViDrate box! 

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