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Podcasting Is Your Most Powerful Medium - With Max Branstetter

  • E42
  • 53:21
  • July 29th 2020

Max Branstetter is a New York based podcaster, Social Media Influencer, and Host of the Wild Business Growth Podcast, where he interviews a new entrepreneur or innovator every week who’s turning Wild ideas into Wild growth.

Podcasts are a phenomenal way to grow your brand, share your expertise, and meet fascinating people. But they take time to make - way too much time for most entrepreneurs – making it difficult to focus on scaling up your business when your time is being drained by your podcast's demands. In this interview with Jane, Max discusses his mission to produce and monetise professional-sounding expert podcasts for entrepreneurs and storytellers. Having helped Retail CMO Mark Friedman launch The Marketing Playbook, after he spent 5 years putting off his podcast aspirations, which ranked in the top 20 marketing podcasts on Apple Podcasts within its first week of launch, and Howard Shear & Rex Anderson from Lakeside Laundry Equipment share their unique expertise on starting a laundromat business by producing and hosting Laundry Money, Martech pioneer and Vesta CEO Sue Frech take her online community-building platform to the podcasting world with Happy Marketer Connection, and keynote speaker Ryan Foland transform his infamous 3-1-3 Challenge from a speaking and consulting exercise to podcast form: The 3-1-3 Challenge with Ryan Foland, Max is totally passionate about the power of podcasting to transform businesses and lives.


Max’s podcasting service is part of his 2nd-generation family marketing business, Hippo Direct. You can connect with him on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn at @MaxBranstetter. (Connection Central)

ABOUT THE HOST: Jane Bayler is a serial entrepreneur, investor, speaker, event host and business scale up expert. She had a 20 year history in global media and advertising, before becoming a serial entrepreneur herself, with multiple businesses in real estate, marketing and education. Having grown and sold a £6M brand identity business to US communications group Interpublic, today she is most passionate about and committed to serving other entrepreneurs – helping them grow their businesses and achieve their best lives. 

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