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A Conversation with Jenny Kierstead

  • 1:17:37
  • October 31st 2020

In May of this year, Nova Scotia was rocked by the worst mass killing in Canadian history. We were already experiencing unprecedented fear and confusion because of the global Pandemic and resulting lockdown. Then, Colchester County became the epicentre of terror when 22 innocent people (including one pregnant woman) were murdered by a twisted gunman. The whole province was thrown into a state of grief, but for the families of those killed it was a true nightmare. Jenny Kierstead knows that all too well. Her beautiful sister Lisa McCully - a beloved teacher, and mother of two young children - was one of the victims. 

Jenny joined me in the Soul Booth this week for this open-hearted conversation about her grief journey, and a touching remembrance of her big sister.

Jenny is a yoga teacher with a large following - online and off - and her commitment to staying open to the pain of Lisa's death has a lot to teach us all. 

You'll hear Jenny refer to a painting on my wall that took her breath away...so I've used it as the cover photo. 

You can experience more of Jenny's light at www.jennykierstead.ca

Thanks for listening. Stay safe, and stay tuned ! Nancy

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