139 - Creative cooking & Creative teams with chef Chris Barton artwork
The Spark & The Art

139 - Creative cooking & Creative teams with chef Chris Barton

  • 47:58
  • March 17th 2017

http://thesparkandtheart.com/139 – Chris Barton is a Chef who’s restaurant creates a new menu each week. Chris recognizes the drain creating a new menu each week would be on him if he had to do it all alone. We talk about how important his team members are to both the creating of the dishes but also the success of the restaurant itself. We talk about the challenges of being in charge charge of this shared creativity and not wanting to say ‘no’ too often. 
**- Links for this episode -**
<br/>Anew Table Restaurant in Calgary - https://www.anewtable.ca/
<br/>Mount Royal University - http://www.mtroyal.ca/
<br/>SAIT Culinary Campus - http://culinarycampus.ca/ 

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