22 – The art and business of filmmaking with Luke Black artwork
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22 – The art and business of filmmaking with Luke Black

  • 56:28
  • August 28th 2014

Today's interview is Luke Black. Luke is a writer/producer working in Toronto, Canada. He has spent a large amount of time pursuing his passion of making films (he estimates about 15 shorts so far). One of his most recent ventures as producer has landed a spot at the Toronto International Film Festival. 

We talk about how after spending so much time having fun making films with his friends, his desire to more fully understand the film industry has lead to an almost two year focus solely on the business side. And how he’s itching again for the creative side of the work. 

We also talk about the value of your own time. We often feel we need to thank or compensate those that help us with our projects but we can forget that our time is valuable as well. Luke said: “You are worth something. Don’t sell yourself short. Your time and effort is worth something.”

Thanks for listening and remember you won’t get the art without the work and you won’t do the work without the spark. 

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