36 – Designing Tabletop games. From idea to publisher pitch with Jeff Hunt
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36 – Designing Tabletop games. From idea to publisher pitch with Jeff Hunt
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Jeff Hunt makes tabletop games. Not just any table top games. Epic 250 piece games for 6 people to play for a couple hours kind of games. The craziest part is that he does it after his full-time job and it was the first game he decided to design. 

In today’s chat with Jeff we talk about the design process starting at the mechanics and philosophies he wanted to put into the game, the importance of play testing and understanding player types. Also he tells what it’s like to pitch to game publishers for the first time. 

**Links From today's talk**

Jeff Hunt - http://inspirationtopublication.wordpress.com/2014/01/25/guest-post-blind-playtesting-by-jeff-hunt/
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Days of Wonder - http://www.daysofwonder.com/en/
Ticket To Ride - http://www.daysofwonder.com/tickettoride/en/usa/
Master of Orion - http://www.myabandonware.com/game/master-of-orion-1v5
4x Games - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/4X
James Cormier & Sen-Foong Lim - https://inspirationtopublication.wordpress.com/about/
The Steps (game design blog) - https://inspirationtopublication.wordpress.com/the-steps-for-board-games/
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Rio Grande Games - http://riograndegames.com/
Essen Speil - http://www.merz-verlag-en.com/
Hans im Glük - http://www.hans-im-glueck.de/english/

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