68 – The best tools are invisible with comic artist Dan Berry artwork
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68 – The best tools are invisible with comic artist Dan Berry

  • 1:07:16
  • September 4th 2015

TheSparkAndTheArt.com/68 – We talk about how, what I always assumed was, his relentless pursuit of perfection is in fact a relentless pursuit of ever increasing efficiencies in his creation process. We talk about what inks he likes and doesn’t like. The importance of making your tools invisible to you as the artist so they don’t get in the way of your ideas. We talk about how day job teaching comics as an art form has affected his work. And we also talk about how a day job, a comics career, a podcast and a family with two kids impacts his art (as a hint it has too do with the relentless pursuit of efficiencies I mentioned earlier)

Dan is very funny, very British and very insightful. I’m quite positive you will enjoy today’s chat with Dan Berry.

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