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71 - Make Your Own Stuff - CAMP 2015 Summary

  • 09:30
  • September 25th 2015

heSparkAndTheArt.com/71 – I went to CAMP Festival here in Calgary. It was a two day conference filled with inspiration and awesome speakers. Here is a summary. 

**Links for this episode**

<br />Camp Festival - http://campfestival.ca
<br />Stacey Mulcahy - http://thebitchwhocodes.com
<br />Alon Chitayat - http://www.animishmish.com
<br />Improv Canvas - http://www.improvcanvas.com
<br />Yuko Shimizo - http://yukoart.com
<br />Aaron Draplin - http://draplin.com
<br />Field Notes - http://fieldnotesbrand.com
<br />Neil Huxley - https://vimeo.com/neilhuxley

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