88 - How to be an author with a family with Adam Dreece artwork
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88 - How to be an author with a family with Adam Dreece

  • 1:08:50
  • February 5th 2016

TheSparkAndTheArt.com/88 – Adam Dreece is an indie author who is building a following for his The Yellow Hoods series of books which currently number 5 soon to be six. Previous to being an author Adam worked in high in the ranks of corporate IT as a software architect. The way Adam describes the transition from corporate IT to independent publishing is the universe just kept giving him larger and larger nudges until he couldn’t ignore them any more. So less than two years ago he started writing his book series. Yep two years 4 novels with another on the way.

**- Links for this episode -**
<br/>Adam Dreece - http://adamdreece.com/
<br/>Adam Dreece Twitter - https://twitter.com/adamdreece
<br/>C4 Winnipeg - http://www.c4winnipeg.com/
<br/>Imaginative Fiction Writers Association - http://ifwa.ca/
<br/>Calgary Expo - http://www.calgaryexpo.com/
<br/>Phil Donahue - http://www.biography.com/people/phil-donahue-9542194
<br/>Dad Was Right (Blog Post) - http://adamdreece.com/2014/10/29/dad-right/
<br/>When the walls fell - https://youtu.be/3-wzr74d7TI?t=42s
<br/>ADZO Publishing - http://adzopublishing.com/

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