Sam Darnold celebrates exit from New York artwork
The Sports Hangover

Sam Darnold celebrates exit from New York

  • S11E21
  • 30:32
  • April 7th 2021

A QB normally celebrates when he’s drafted or when he signs a fat free agent contract but the guys are breaking down the party Sam Darnold had when he found out he was done with the Jets. And J Dawg reveals the secret weapon for the Panthers that will lead to Darnold’s success.

A game of ‘BS or Believe’ reveals the Patriots QB plans for the NFL Draft, only 3 weeks away! And if Kevin Durant deserves to be fined for comments made towards crying, failed actor Michael Rapaport.

It’s Masters Week in Augusta, Georgia!

You made it this far so 2 sleepers to make money on: Cameron Smith and Scottie Scheffler, both at 40/1.

Finally, Scandal City stars another famous cryer, Paul Pierce, parting ways with ESPN after a late-night Instagram Live showed off a whole bunch of strippers.

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