Sports Hangover: NFL Offseason Moves, Eclipse Speculation, and Basketball Updates” artwork
The Sports Hangover

Sports Hangover: NFL Offseason Moves, Eclipse Speculation, and Basketball Updates”

  • S14E29
  • 36:26
  • April 1st 2024

in this episode of the Sports Hangover, Michael and J-Dawg discuss their recent experiences at a baseball game and the high prices of food at the stadium. They also talk about the Hangover Hotline and the Steelers' offseason moves. The hosts share their personal stories of car accidents and discuss the recent scandal involving Rashid Rice. They then move on to discuss various NFL offseason moves and the trend of dad bods. The conversation takes a turn as they discuss the upcoming total solar eclipse and the possibility of a multiverse swap. Finally, they discuss Patrick Mahomes' love for ice cream and Kirk Cousins' move to Atlanta. In this episode, Michael and J DAWG discuss various player moves in the NFL, evaluating the impact of these moves on different teams. They also touch on the upcoming NFL draft and the excitement surrounding WrestleMania. The hosts share their thoughts on the current state of college basketball and the changing landscape with the introduction of Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) deals. They conclude with an update on Marcus Jordan and Brawny James, highlighting their basketball careers and off-court endeavors.


  • Food prices at stadiums can be exorbitant, leading to complaints from fans.
  • Car accidents can be awkward and challenging to navigate, especially when there are communication barriers.
  • The upcoming total solar eclipse and the CERN accelerator Collider have sparked curiosity and speculation.
  • Dad bods are a topic of discussion, with differing opinions on their appeal.
  • Kirk Cousins' move to Atlanta is seen as a positive change for his career.

Sound Bites


00:00Introduction and Baseball Game

01:05Food Prices at the Dodger Game

03:19Car Accident and Scandal City

06:06NFL Offseason Moves

09:00Dad Bods and Ice Cream

14:01Total Solar Eclipse and Multiverse Swap

15:47Patrick Mahomes' Ice Cream Consumption

18:55Player Moves and Evaluations

19:32Barclay to the Eagles

20:02Hollywood Brown to the Chiefs

20:21Ridley to the Titans

21:04Titans' Downgrades

21:16Zeke's Potential Return to Dallas

22:13Sam Howell to the Seahawks

22:26Henry to Baltimore

22:58Seahawks' Interest in Michael Pennex Jr.

23:14Daniel Jones' Future with the Giants

23:31Free Agent Updates

25:03Impact of NLI and NIL on College Basketball

26:29NFL Taking Over Christmas Day

27:22WrestleMania Excitement

27:33Final Four and March Madness

29:15Update on Marcus Jordan and Brony James

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