Sportstradmus Returns with 2021 Predictions artwork
The Sports Hangover

Sportstradmus Returns with 2021 Predictions

  • S10E10
  • 38:26
  • December 31st 2020

The boys catch up for the final time in 2020 and they are starting to wonder who the REAL Sportstradamus is. You won't believe Mike's prediction for 2020 that came true!

Then, they look ahead to 2021 with new homes for Dak Prescott, Matthew Stafford, Carson Wentz, Cam Newton and Philip Rivers. Plus, predictions on streaming, the NBA and the Super Bowl.

Scandal City breaks down the Dwayne Haskins debacle in Washington DC, 'BS or Believe' ponders whether the Dolphins 2-QB approach will catch on across the NFL and J Dawg Takes On Jon Gruden for losing 29 of his first 47 games with the Las Vegas Raiders.

Thanks for downloading the special sports predictions episode of The Sports Hangover podcast. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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