Super Bowl Props, Vision Pro, and The Grammy's artwork
The Sports Hangover

Super Bowl Props, Vision Pro, and The Grammy's

  • S14E21
  • 42:18
  • February 5th 2024

In this episode, Michael and JDawg discuss the LA rain and its impact on the city. They also talk about Michael's new Vision Pro device and its features. The conversation then shifts to Super Bowl betting tips, including the importance of betting on two-way props and avoiding multi-way props. They also discuss the idea of soft bets and the potential for Taylor Swift sightings during the game. Finally, they play a game of Bullshit or Believe, where they share their predictions for the game and discuss Andy Reid's retirement and Taylor Swift's behavior at the Grammys. In this conversation, the hosts discuss various topics related to music and sports. They start by recapping the Grammy Awards, expressing their disappointment with the production and performances. They then move on to discuss Usher's upcoming halftime show at the Super Bowl and express their lack of excitement for it. Finally, they touch on the controversy surrounding the World Cup final being held at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.


  • The hosts were disappointed with the production and performances at the Grammy Awards.
  • They were not excited about Usher's halftime show at the Super Bowl.
  • The choice of MetLife Stadium in New Jersey as the venue for the World Cup final was controversial.


00:00Introduction and LA Rain

03:17Discussion about the Vision Pro

07:01Super Bowl Preview and Betting Tips

13:17Bullshit or Believe: Game Predictions

20:33Bullshit or Believe: Prop Bets

26:06Bullshit or Believe: Andy Reid Retirement

27:53Bullshit or Believe: Taylor Swift Sightings

28:57Discussion about Taylor Swift at the Grammys

29:13Grammy Awards Recap

32:08Usher's Halftime Show

39:19J-Dog Takes On: World Cup Final

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